Mathew Brady's Illustrated History of the Civil War, 1861-65 and the Causes That Led Up to the Great Conflict

By Benson J. Lossing

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Lossing compiled this chronological summary and record of all of the engagements that occurred during the war from the official records of the War Department. In this work, Lossing reproduces the official Brady War Department photographs. The book is not indexed. It is a chronological account of the war. However, the photographs that appear on each page do not always correspond with the accompanying text. Some of the photographs are not identified in detail. Page 129 shows the effect of 32-pound shell from Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. The location is not identified as Fredericksburg. A photograph of a pontoon bridge on the Rappahannock appears on page 234. The accompanying text account is a discussion of activities in the Mississippi Valley in 1861. Pages 304 through 307 describe the Battle of Fredericksburg. Six photographs accompany the text. Although the activity described in Chapter XIX occurs in the Southwest, more photographs of the Fredericksburg area appear on pages 309, 311, 315, 317(?), 319, and 321.

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