Me Want Pet! by Tammi Sauer

Me Want Pet by Tammi Sauer

"Me Want Pet!" Cave Boy grunts to his family. Sure, he has rocks, sticks, and a club, but all of those possessions pale in comparison to companionship!

Cave Boy starts looking everywhere for potential pets, and he finds some strong contenders. A woolly mammoth follows him home one day, but he's too big to comfortably fit in the cave with everyone else!

The trouble continues with each new creature as Papa is allergic to saber-toothed tigers, and the dodo bird Cave Boy adopts is not potty-trained. When near-disaster strikes though, our Cave Family sees the usefulness of having such strong and caring animals by your side! 

Author Tammi Sauer keeps the text simple, especially in the dialogue amongst our cave family. This isn't the book to teach your child the proper way to speak, but you can have a lot of fun grunting lines like "Ooga!" to each other.

Bob Shea's illustrations delightfully combine the style of ancient cave paintings with childlike doodles, offering the story his trademark sense of playfulness. You can even watch the video below to learn how to draw Cave Boy's dodo just like in the book!

Readers looking for more funny pet books should seek out Prudence Wants a Pet, by Cathleen Daly. Prudence has imagination on her side as she adopts a branch, a tire, and a shoe named Fashionable Footwear. With spunk like that, she might even be a direct descendant of Cave Boy.

If your child enjoys Bob Shea's hilarious Dinosaur Vs. series or can't get enough of the Ice Age movies, Me Want Pet is definitely worth a try! Ooga!