The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"The game's afoot!"

Eleven of the Great Detective's finest cases are brought together in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. From his Baker Street digs, a bored Sherlock sorts through newspapers, puffs on his pipe, and makes tea with his less-than-scrubbed chemistry set until the next puzzle presents itself. His chronicler Watson passes on the questionable tea but is only too happy to take a little time away from his doctor's practice to assist his old friend on adventure after adventure.

This collection begins with the missing champion race horse "Silver Blaze" and ends with "The Final Problem" of Holmes having to face off with his direst enemy, Professor James Moriarty. Along the way, we meet old school chums of both Holmes ("The Musgrave Ritual" and "The Gloria Scott") and Watson ("The Adventure of the Naval Treaty"), nosh on buffets at railroad stations, and crack disguises either deeply sinister ("The Greek Interpreter") or not ("The Yellow Face"). There's a lot that goes on in these tales both for atmosphere and for plot, but each can be read in one sitting.

Appreciation for Sherlock Holmes has only grown over time. The number of authors and playwrights who have grabbed these stories and this character as source material for excellent and entertaining work continues to grow, but the original story-puzzles are timeless and extremely enjoyable themselves.

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes is available in standard print as well as an eBook, audiobook, and downloadable audiobook formats. Also look for The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes which contains many more exciting stories.