Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac

What would YOUR life be like if you suddenly lost the past 4 years?

Imagine falling down the stairs of your high school with a heavy camera in your hands. If that isn't embarrassing enough, what if you lost the last four years of your life? For 16-year-old Naomi, falling down the stairs of her high school with a heavy camera in her hands causes some very interesting things to happen: like realizing that your best friend in the world just might be in love with you and that you and your mom haven’t spoken since she left your dad three years ago AND that you have a half- sister that you haven’t even met yet!   In Naomi's case, she was able to use this event to decide who she really wants to be, dealing with the difficult issues of her life with a whole new perspective, with grace, humor and intelligence.

The characterizations are complex and honest. Naomi's faithful best friend, Will, helps her fill in many of the missing pieces of her life,  including their roles as co-editors of the school yearbook. Naomi doesn't recognize Will or her boyfriend, popular tennis jock Ace, though Will instantly feels "comfortable and broken-in like favorite jeans," while she wonders what she and Ace ever had in common. Then there is the new boy, James, who is even more intriguing. The book is a page-turner of self-discovery; the amnesia gives Naomi the opportunity to look at her life with new eyes, almost as an outside observer, and make changes that help her establish her own unique and special identity.

Read Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin and find out what happens when Naomi gets her memory back.

 A movie has been made with Japanese actors and will released in March 2011.

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