Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog by Ted Kerasote

Attention all dog lovers: Merle's Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog, by Ted Kerasote, is a must-read book about a dog and his human companion. This non-fiction tale takes the reader to the banks of the San Juan River where Ted, the author, finds Merle, a ten-month-old pup living on his own. Ted, who had been looking for a dog but never really felt connected to any of the dogs he had met, finds it impossible to leave this dog. Merle seems to also be looking for a companion and doesn't want to leave Ted's side either.

Merle and Ted strike up a relationship that any dog owner can understand. They share their lives together, all the while learning from each other. Merle teaches Ted how to navigate in nature and techniques for hunting, while Ted teaches about the ways of the human world. In actuality, Merle teaches Ted more about obedience and other dog behaviors than Ted teaches him. Ted uses his knowledge of Merle to translate dog behavior to human language. It's a fantastic relationship between dog and human.

Merle's Door also contains many interesting facts about animals. Author Ted Kerasote, a wildlife and nature enthusiast who also writes for such publications as The New York Times, presents research about dogs in an entertaining yet informative manner. Along with the research, Ted explains the history of humans and dogs that shows how their linked pasts have led them to long and endearing friendships. He also includes dog training tips, which he displays with funny and amusing stories from their partnership along with their training struggles. This is a must-read book for dog lovers who want extra insight into the minds of dogs, along with a friendly love story between a man and dog.

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