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Mice Skating by Annie Silvestro

Mice Skating by Annie Silvestro

Like most animals during the winter months, field mice take cover underground. They stay warm in tiny burrows built into farmhouse walls or hollow logs. But not Lucy. Lucy the field mouse LOVES winter. She loves the feeling of the snow beneath her paws, the frosty air that makes her whiskers freeze. Most of all, Lucy loves her fluffy wool hat that keeps her head—and heart—warm.

It makes her brave. It makes her bold. It makes her bloom!

While Lucy embraces winter, her friends Mona, Millie, and Marcello do not. They prefer to stay comfy and cozy until spring. Although Lucy has plenty of fun on her own, she wants to share it with her friends, but, alas, they stay stubborn. "PLEASE come outside," begged Lucy.

"Not till it's warm," said Mona. "Not till the flowers bloom," said Millie. "Not unless that snow is made of mozzarella," said Marcello. It's hopeless; Lucy will never get her friends outside! But, then . . . Lucy skidded on an icy patch. She slipped; she slid; she soared! She fashions skates out of pine needles, and, with some practice, Lucy is soon mice skating! She cannot let her friends miss out on this fun! What can Lucy do to get her friends to enjoy mice skating as much as she does? After all, a winter wonderland is twice as nice when you have friends to share it with.

Children's author Annie Silvestro (Bunny's Book Club) returns with Mice Skating, a delightful winter-themed picture book involving a cute little field mouse who just wants to share the joy of winter with others. With fun illustrations by Tegan White, the feeling of winter rings throughout the pages. How will Lucy get her determined friends to come outside? Check out Mice Skating today and find out!

Mice Skating supports out Grow a Reader principles of print motivation and playing.