Mirth of a Nation: The Best Contemporary Humor

By Michael J. Rosen, editor

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"...a premier showcase of fifty-four great literary humorists and masters of the journalistic jab, the social spoof, the parodic proof, the satire, the tirade, and the send-up. Here are those 'last laughs' and 'wit's end' pieces everyone turns to first but then loses in back issues of favorite magazines and newspapers, including: Merrill Markoe on Networking with Angels, Garry Trudeau on re-retranslating Madonna, David Sedaris on reviewing school Christmas Plays, and John Updike on cross-dressing with J. Edgar Hoover. Also included are riotous contributions from Henry Alford, Jon Stewart, and David Ives, as well as millennial maxims by Mark O'Donnell, gardening advice by Mertensia Corydalis, and highlights from Randy Cohen's savvy 'News Quiz.'"
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