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Who Wouldn't Want to Run Away in a Bookmobile?

Mobile Library by David Whitehouse

The other day, I picked up a book off the new book display—drawn by the colorful cover and by the title. Mobile Library, by David Whitehouse, has a happy-looking cover, but it is anything but a happy book.

"He recognized loneliness when he saw it. Noisy crowds that swirl around the silence in the center where you sit. An irrepressible ache made by the melody of other people's laughter. The breadth of the canyon between you and someone you can reach out to touch."

Bobby Nusku has a mother who has disappeared. His father has moved a new girlfriend into the house, and they drink and ignore Bobby. He had one friend, Sunny, who was trying to become a cyborg to protect Bobby from three bullies. But Sunny has moved to the other side of the country. Then he meets Rosa when she is accosted by the same bullies. He walks her home and falls in love with her mother. Val is teller of stories, a mender of hearts, and fiercely protective of those she loves. She wraps her protection around Bobby, with unintended consequences. 

The three of them are forced them run away together in a stolen mobile library. Their adventure, their quest, takes them across England, armed only with the shelves of books contained in the mobile library.

"Family doesn't have to be a father, a mother, a son or daughter. Family is only where there is love enough."