Moose Tracks by Karma Wilson

Moose Tracks by Karma Wilson

"There are Moose Tracks on my back porch. I'm not sure how they got there

One thing I'm fairly certain of-- last night those tracks were NOT there."

A perplexed narrator is shocked to find hoof prints all over the house in Karma Wilson's Moose Tracks. The picture book goes from room to room to figure out where they came from. With each new location, the mystery grows.

The owner of the house dismisses other signs of animal intrusion. There are woodchips in the guest bed from a beaver who wanted a midnight snack. Many animal friends have visited recently, but absolutely none of them were of the antlered variety.

Wilson's picture books are some of the best read-alouds out there, with easy rhyming text that will not twist your tongue. Jack E. Davis' illustrations are bright and colorful, with great attention to detail. You can tell that he had a lot of fun giving each animal its own costume and quirky personality. Such features offer the chance to see something new with every read.

Looking for more funny moose books? In This Moose Belongs to Me, by Oliver Jeffers, Wilfred tries to claim one as a pet. He names the moose Marcel and gives him a detailed list of rules. Everything goes well until Wilfred makes a startling discovery.

There are quite a number of moose picture books out there. The animal lends itself to visual gags and simply makes for an intriguing story. Speaking of intriguing, I simply must know: Who left all these Moose Tracks!?