A Mother's Book of Traditional Household Skills

By L.G. Abell

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In 1853, Mrs. L.G. Abell set down hundreds of domestic skills to be mastered with economy and grace by any woman wishing to run an efficient home. Light-years ahead of her time, Abell believed solidly in the virtue of the accomplished woman, one who is "skilled in the various arts of life, complete in her character, so constituted by her own industry and intelligence." While the arts of life may be defined rather differently today, the overall notion that "woman's work is never done" remains, and there is plenty of practical information here to aid any busy wife or super mom through her day including tips for marketing, cures for dozens of maladies from earaches to seasickness, how to remove stains, how to set a proper table, instilling good manners and behavior in children, and much more. Fun to browse through and an invaluable addition to any home, A Mother's Book of Traditional Household Skills will continue to please generations of mothers to come.


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