Mr. Wuffles! by David Wiesner

Mr. Wuffles! by David Wiesner

Never has a feline been as terrifying as Mr. Wuffles. In truth, he really is just a curious housecat with a ton of playthings. The one toy that he is most interested in was not bought at the pet store. That is because it is not a toy at all.

David Wiesner is the master of wordless picture books. His photo-realistic artwork combines with clear-cut tales of adventure and whimsy, and his latest title once again proves his mastery of the art of picture books.

Upon first look, the object of Mr. Wuffles' desire is merely a speckled metal oval, but as we zoom in, we see a crew of green aliens peeking out from their control room. They celebrate their safe landing in an unknown language of hieroglyphics. That's when two giant yellow eyes block their view of the living room. Next thing they know, their spaceship has been knocked upside down and a crucial piece of the engine is broken.

Desperate to return to their planet in one piece, this intrepid crew must set out into the dangerous wide open, hoping to find a way to fix their ship. Will they find a way?

The visuals are stunning, especially when the group finds an ally in a group of ants. Taking shelter within the walls of the house, the ants have created cast cave paintings showing their struggle with the furry, four-legged monster. A plan is formed to fix the aliens' ship and escape the claws of Mr. Wuffles.

What follows is as magical as any of Wiesner's past adventures, such as a swarm of frogs flying through the night in Tuesday or The Three Little pigs escaping their own picture book and running amok. The wordless aspect allows you to talk to your child and ask what they thing is happening on each page. In Wiesner's worlds, your imagination is your only limit!