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My New Teacher and Me! by Al Yankovic

My New Teacher and Me! by Al Yankovic

Getting ready for back-to-school, but not ready to pack away the fun? Al Yankovic’s My New Teacher and Me! is as welcome for the last weeks of summer as an ice cream truck after a long, hot day at the pool.  In this rollicking story, Mr. Booth’s strict rules have met their match in Billy, a bright-eyed boy who shows up for the first day of class with a wide-open imagination. Disapproving Mr. Booth spots the dirt on Billy’s shirt immediately! Billy quickly—and politely—tells him how that came to be:

“I was digging to China out in my backyard.

And I almost was there when—I hit something hard!

Well, I dug, and I dug, and I dug a bit more

And discovered the skull of a real dinosaur!

“And I would have cleaned up, sir, but hey, I’m no fool—

I just couldn’t be late on the first day of school!”

Bow-tied and sour, Mr. Booth says his tale sounds highly unlikely, but as Billy points out, “the awesome-est things in the world often are!”

His teacher and the rest of the class are about to get a whirlwind tour of the awesomeness which is Billy’s existence.  In wild rhymes accompanied by blissfully burgeoning pictures, he shares amazing—if highly unlikely—stories told by a boy who knows that imagining things is the first step to making them real.

Al Yankovic, better known as “Weird Al” Yankovic, has been making people laugh with his adaptations of pop songs for decades. Here, he brings his brilliant humor to the youngest amongst us with a very refreshing picture book. My New Teacher and Me! is actually Billy’s second appearance. Check out his debut in When I Grow Up.