My Sister's Bones: A Novel

By Cathi Hanauer

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"Life is full of surprises. You think you know your family. You think you know your best friend. You even think you know yourself. Then, suddenly, everything changes and the connections that kept you safe can disappear in the blink of an eye.

In My Sister's Bones, Billie Weinstein sees things most people don't see. Her sister Cassie has always been her touchstone, the person she turns to for advice and guidance, the person whose opinion means the most to her. But ever since Cassie left for college, she's seemed different -- withdrawn, obsessed with studying, and she barely eats.

"Billie can't talk to her parents about it; they act as if nothing is wrong refusing to see the changes in their older daughter. Now Billie has become Cassie's confidante, the only one Cassie trusts enough to tell the truth to, and Billie is suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar -- and disturbing -- role; one that drives her to make choices that will forever change the way she looks at the world."

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