Poems, poems, everywhere. No analyzing required.

Poems, poems, everywhere. No analyzing required.

April is National Poetry Month, which is a perfect time to highlight all the amazing poetry that is out there, but . . . UGH . . . POETRY. At least, that’s how I used to feel. When I was a kid I LOVED poetry, especially Shel Silverstein. But as I got older, and school started requiring me to think about the poetry we were reading and what the deeper meaning might be, I started to resent it. I mean, couldn’t I just ENJOY the poetry instead of trying to decipher how the poet might have been feeling when he wrote it? Apparently not.

Then I started working as a youth services librarian, and I was introduced to novels in verse. All of those middle school and high school memories came flooding back, and I wanted nothing to do with it. Until I read one. Then I read another and another. Finally, I realized I LOVED novels in verse! Why? Because they are complete stories told through a collection of poetry. Poetry rarely takes up a whole page, which made the books super fast to read! It also amazed me how by simply changing the spacing or even font size within a poem an additional meaning was made clear.

Now, here I am, determined to revive that love of poetry, that might get lost during those school years of analyzing them non-stop with my book lists, so here are two. Check out my Children’s Poetry list and my Novels in Verse list for young adults!

Looking for other ways to celebrate National Poetry Month with the CRRL?

Don’t forget about our Claudia Emerson Teen Poetry Contest, open to students in grades 7-12,  or stop by your local branch to celebrate with a Poem in Your Pocket!