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CRRL My Librarian: A Matter of Revenge

Cover to Revenge by Stephen Fry

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." I always thought this meant that if you waited until you cooled off the need for exacting revenge would lessen or maybe go away altogether. I guess I'm just way too naïve and forgiving because, when I actually looked up the meaning of the phrase, it seems to mean to wait until the person who wronged you has forgotten all about it, and thus your revenge will be in cold blood—and all the sweeter. Who knew?  

I can be pretty bloodthirsty in my tastes in fiction, though. Books about revenge can be pulse-pounding page-turners or funny or violent (or sometimes all three!). Some are modern retellings of classic revenge tales. 

Sharpen your knives, check your poison inventory, and then sit back and pick up one of the titles in the book list CRRL Picks - Revenge, Served Hot or Cold. They are very different, but all feature some manner of revenge.