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National Recycling Week at the Library: November 7-14, 2010

Since 1997, many Americans have set aside time to encourage recycling efforts in their communities each November. While it's true people of an older generation practiced thrift as a matter of necessity, many young bloods were buying into a throw-and-go mentality, not realizing that reusing resources is a good way to take better care of ourselves, our neighbors, and our planet.

Getting Punchy

For National Recycling Week, the Central Rappahannock Regional Library will be joining other organizations and businesses for a fun week of recycling activities. Collect punch marks for a chance to win door prizes at the end of Recycling Week. You can pick up a card at any participating group, including the library. Get a punch for going on a Leave No Trace Hike. Get a punch for a visit to a rain garden or attending a seminar. Or, do it the recycling way.

Books to the Library, Corks to the Wine Shop

Toys, eye glasses, egg cartons, and wine corks--all can be recycled and are being accepted by selected groups who want to help make a difference. Different groups are accepting different kinds of recyclables. Match what you've got to give with the place that's handling that kind of item. For example, downtown's Cat's Closet is taking donations of pet supplies for the SPCA. VA Runner is on the mark for taking donations of sneakers in good condition. Rappahannock Goodwill needs clothes and household items. Of course, your library welcomes donations of books and movies. Click here for a complete list of activities and donation centers that can earn you and your family a chance at fun door prizes. Just bring your completed card (10 punches) to 10,000 Villages on Sunday, November 14, at 1 pm for the closing event and door prize giveaways.

The Circle of Shelf Life

Librarians have been recycling for years. We take donations of books and movies to add them to our collections or share them at our book sales along with books weeded from the shelves that are past their prime. That best-seller that has been loved to death and is -nearly- in tatters needs to find itself a permanent home among our patrons. You'll find the recycled additions to the collection on our shelves, and the money made from the sales aids the Friends of the Library's projects.