New Year Reading Challenges

Pleasure of Reading book cover image

In the years BK (Before Kids), I would always make a New Year's resolution to challenge my reading habits. On a professional level, it helped me to grow and better serve our library customers. On a personal level, I felt more well-rounded as a person. The best reading challenges were the ones that inspired me to read outside of my comfort zone, to broaden my horizons, or simply read more. My favorite challenge several years ago was the 100 book challenge, where I tried to read 100 books in a year. Mind you, this didn't include board books for babies or picture books, which I read copious amounts of for my job as a youth services librarian. Children's chapter books did count, though, and definitely young adult, or YA, novels. And I used to make it to 100 most years. BK, that is.

These days (or years), I'm happy to hit 50 books a year. But still, I find a certain kind of excitement at thinking how I'll branch out in my reading (and listening) habits in the coming year, and a thrill at what new things I might encounter. As for challenges, the options have multiplied every year, now offering something to entice every type of reader. The bloggers of GirlXOXO offer a giant (alphabetized, of course) list of challenges for 2018. From the Audiobook Challenge to the Birth Year Reading Challenge, to yes, the Picture Book Challenge for adults, there's something for everyone, and this list certainly isn't exhaustive of what's out there. So send us a message on Facebook or a tweet on Twitter—what will you challenge yourself to read (or listen to) in 2018?