New Zinio for Libraries App

The CRRL has a fantastic collection of popular digital magazines from Zinio which our customers can download and keep for free. In an effort to simplify the process of getting these magazines, Zinio has been implementing some changes to its apps and its checkout procedure. Here’s what you need to know:

The big, new development is the Zinio for Libraries app, making digital magazine check-out an easy, one-step process for some devices.. Until recently, reading Zinio magazines required two free accounts in addition to your library membership. The first account is with RBdigital, the library vendor which acts as a gateway to the CRRL's Zinio magazine subscriptions. When you click the link to browse and download Zinio magazines from, you are being directed to RBdigital. The second account is with the Zinio digital magazine service, which sells magazines to individuals through a commercial app for Android and iOS as well as supplying them to library customers.

In the past, you could acquire Zinio magazines from us after establishing these two accounts by picking out the magazines from RBdigital, then being automatically directed to to complete the checkout procedure. That has now changed. Zinio has developed an app called Zinio for Libraries that is dedicated to magazines checked out from the library. It's a work in progress, but this new app means library customers will no longer need to create an account with to read our digital magazines. Customers using this app will also never find promotional magazine issues from Zinio placed randomly in their collection. They will only see the magazines they checked out.

Here's what you need to know about these changes so far:

  • Currently, the Zinio for Libraries app is only available for iPad and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Zinio is in the process of developing a “for Libraries” app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and Kindle Fire as well. The library will notify you on Tech Answers and its social media channels when these are available.
  • Users of the existing commercial iPad and Android app may switch to the Zinio for Libraries app if they choose, but they are not required to do so. 
  • Customers who have purchased magazines from in addition to having checked them out from the library may continue to use the commercial app so that all their magazines show up in the same place.
  • New digital magazine customers who own devices compatible with the Zinio for Libraries app do not have to establish a separate account with All they need is the RBdigital account. However, as with established users, if they want to see purchased and library magazines in one location, they will need the account and the commercial Zinio app.
  • Library magazines are, of course, still available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire. However, until the Zinio for Libraries app has been released for these devices, their users will still need both accounts as well as the commercial Zinio app. 
  • When checking out magazines from RBdigital, users are no longer directed to to complete the checkout. This means that iPhone, iPod Touch and Kindle Fire owners, as well as iPad and Android owners who want to see both library magazines and purchased magazines in the same place, will have to establish a account on their own. That account must use the same email address and password as their RBdigital account. Otherwise, checked-out magazines will not show up in the commercial Zinio app.

The Adult Research Desk at your local branch has detailed step-by-step guides for setting up Zinio with your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Contact them for these guides or to schedule a free training-on-demand session on how to use Zinio.