Niblet & Ralph by Zachariah Ohora

Niblet & Ralph by Zachariah Ohora

Niblet & Ralph may look a lot alike, but they are very different. One likes to jam, while the other likes to eat.

Ralph is Gemma's cat, while Niblet is Dilla's cat. They live in the same building - actually, right across the hall from each other. While their owners are at school, they talk on the phone all day. Meow, meow, meow! When they run out of things to say, they share the sun - in their respective arm chairs, of course.

One day, Ralph decides to find a way to visit Niblet. At the same time, Niblet finds a way to visit Ralph, and when they arrive at each other's apartments, nobody is home. They figure that both just stepped out. "I'll just wait for Ralph," Niblet thinks.

Almost immediately, Gemma notices that something isn't quite right about Ralph, especially when he doesn't want a hug or to listen to his favorite song. "THIS IS A FAKE RALPH!" Gemma cries. "RALPH HAS BEEN CLONED AND REPLACED!"

Dilla also notices that something is off about Niblet, so he tries to feed him chips - which he declines. "THIS IS NOT NIBLET!" Dilla shouts. "NIBLET LOVES CHIPS AND THIS CAT DOES NOT!"

Fake Ralph is nice enough, but Gemma misses the real Ralph. Dilla likes Not Niblet, but misses the real Niblet. It's time to investigate!

Sometimes a new friend is closer than you think. In Niblet & Ralph, two cats are already friends, but their owners are not. Friendship is important, especially when it's with someone you have things in common with. Will Ralph and Niblet be reunited with their loveable famlies? Will they ever get to hang out? Read the heartwarming story of Niblet & Ralph, by Zachariah Ohora, to find out!

Niblet & Ralph supports our Grow a Reader principles of print awareness and vocabulary.