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Night After Night by Phil Rickman

Night After Night by Phil Rickman

Reality television: today, it seems to be a staple in our society. As viewers, we see a plethora of genres on reality TV, ranging from programs containing essential survival tips to contestants choosing the right man or woman for the rest of their lives. The possibilities are endless--especially when it comes to paranormal reality television, whose popularity has skyrocketed. From Ghost Hunters to Ghost Adventures, each program contains a thrilling history of the chosen haunted house or place, followed by an in-depth debunking investigation, analyzing the supposed hauntings and exposing possible natural causes for unexplained events.

In Phil Rickman’s new novel, Night After Night, paranormal television takes on Knap Hall, one of the most haunted residences in all of England. Liam Defford, a skeptical production company head, is looking for his next idea for high-impact reality TV. The infamous Knap Hall, an aging Tudor farmhouse turned luxury resort, has been abandoned by its recent owners after a sudden and tragic death. The staff has been paid to keep quiet about the situation, but over time spooky rumors have begun to trickle through to the public.

Defford hires troubled journalist Gayle Underhill to investigate the intriguing Knap Hall. To his pleasure, she finds that the house and property can be loaned to him for a few months. Defford’s idea of an in-depth investigation involves a nightly reality television program, starring seven famous individuals—who are known to the public, but not to each other. However, Liam Defford will soon find out that he and his company are not in control of the happenings at Knap Hall. Something darker and more sinister than Big Brother is running this reality program.

Rickman dives right into the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the hall, giving his readers twists and turns of every kind, including some they will never see coming. Although a long novel, Night After Night is an excellent paranormal thriller. It will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat, whether you watch reality TV or not. This is one reality show the characters—and reader—will never forget.