If You Like Addiction Memoirs ...

There are many "addiction memoirs" in our collection. Some are funny, some are bleak and despairing, some a combination. Try these titles:


"Junky" by William S. Burroughs. May be the first book in this sub genre of memoir.

"Go Ask Alice" by Anonymous. A young adult classic and a cautionary tale. The diary of a young woman chronicles her descent into addiction.

"Manic: A Memoir" by Terri Cheney. A successful lawyer recounts her struggles with a biopolar disorder and substance abuse.

"Night of the Gun" by David Carr. A journalist deconstructs his addiction history by looking at his life as a news story.

"Twitch and Shout: A Touretter's Tale" by Lowell Handler. Not about addiction, but a great read.

"Drinking: a Love Story" by Caroline Knapp. An almost literary look at drinking as a vocation.

"Tweak" by Nic Sheff. A raw and honest account of a multi-substance abuser.

"Beautiful Boy: A Father's Journey Through His Son's Addiction" by David Sheff. Nic's dad has a different perspective on the life of an addict.

"More, Now, Again" by Elizabeth Wurtzel. A narcissistic Harvard girl and her life of drinking.

Since "A Million Little Pieces" was ultimately found to be not so much true, I've included some fiction titles that are bleak, sometimes vulgar, but oh so entertaining:

"Sharp Teeth" by Toby Barlow. A story about werewolves written as poetry. No, wait, give it a try - it's GOOD.

"Caught Stealing" by Charlie Huston. A drunken has-been baseball player accidently ends up with a duffel bag of money that belongs to the Russian mafia.

"Motherless Brooklyn" by Johathan Lethem. The main character has wildly uncontrolled Tourette's syndrome, and goes through life with tics and twitches.

"King Suckerman" by George Pelecanos. A dark retro look at the 1970's drug culture.

"The Drift" by John Ridley. An upstanding husband and father loses it all and becomes an addicted tramp "riding the rails".

"Shella" by Andrew Vachss. A razor blade of a book.

Other authors you might try:

Jim Thompson (try "The Killer Inside Me")

Joe R. Lansdale

Harry Crews