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If You Like Books by V.C.Andrews

Posted - 11/05/2007 : 11:14:19 AM
Thank you for requesting a book match. If you like the works of VC Andrews, you might like the following titles and authors.

Here I Stay by Barbara Michaels

Turning a decrepit old mansion into a beautiful country inn isn't easy, but for Andrea Torgesen, the hard work is exactly what her young
brother, Jim, needs after a serious car accident. Or, so she
thinks--until Jim is haunted by unearthly voices and eerie visions, and becomes obsessed with a long-neglected graveyard. Suddenly, the
impossible becomes terrifyingly possible and Andrea must battle an evil force that threatens to destroy their lives. (Book Description)

(You may be interested in her other books as well)

Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier

The story about a young woman who is haunted by the memory of her
husband's first wife. (Catalog description)

A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark

Jenny MacPartland was a charming, divorced mother of two working at a New York art gallery when she was suddenly whisked away into a life of luxury by wealthy artist Eric Krueger. But a chain of shattering events reveal a link to a past more terrifying than she dared imagine.

(Catalog description)

House of Echoes by Barbara Erskine

A woman unexpectedly inherits a beautiful English manor from the mother she never knew--a place where her two young brothers died many years ago. The locals whisper of a dire curse on both the house and her family, as eerie, inexplicable occurrences begin to threaten her own two sons. Now she is completely on her own to face a centuries-old malevolence--with the lives of those she holds dear hanging in the balance! (Catalog description)

Key of Light by Nora Roberts

Three women are summoned to a mysterious mansion and told that they need to find three keys to save the souls of three goddesses, long trapped by an evil sorcerer. Art gallery manager Malory must find the first key: the key of light.

(You may be interested in her other books as well)

Interview with the Vampire
by Anne Rice

In a remote room in a large city, a young reporter sits face-to-face with his most astonishing subject: a onetime New Orleans gentleman plantation owner who, in vividly terrifying and haunting detail, recalls his centuries of extraordinary life--beginning with his initiation into the ranks of the living dead at the hands of the sinister, sensual vampire Lestat.

(You may be interested in her other books as well).

Kara Rockwell

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Posted - 06/23/2008 : 2:51:27 PM
Thank you for requesting a book match. If you like Secrets in the Shadows by VC Andrews, you might like these titles and authors.

The Good Children by Kate Wilhelm
When they move into a new home in Oregon, the McNairs know they've settled for good. Warden, Lee, and the four kids take to the big old house like they were designed to live in it. But when tragedy strikes the family suddenly, the children face the prospect of being separated by the state. Rather than be sent off to different homes, the four of them - Kevin, Amy, Liz, and Brian, ranging in age from fifteen to six - agree to tell a lie. A big lie. It's the sort of deceit that can hold a family together or tear it asunder, and it will certainly separate the good children from all others. Or will it? (Catalog Summary)

Amanda by Kay Hooper
Jesse Daulton, multimillionaire patriarch of one of the South's oldest families, is dying. His fortune and fabled plantation house, Glory, will be shared by Kate, the unmarried daughter he ignores, and his two grandsons, surly Sullivan (Sully) Lattimore, who runs Glory's legendary stables, and his brother, Reece, who works quietly in the family business. But then a young woman shows up claiming to be Jesse's long-missing granddaughter, Amanda, who'd disappeared 20 years before, taken from Glory one stormy night by her desperate mother. While other would-be Amandas have stepped forward only to be discredited through the efforts of Walker McLellan, the Daultons' handsome family lawyer, Jesse is certain that this Amanda is genuine, and invites her to stay at Glory. Walker, too, comes under Amanda's spell, falling in love with her despite his conviction that she's an imposter. After Jesse changes his will to include Amanda, however, ominous accidents, one of them fatal, begin to occur. Only when Amanda finally remembers what happened the night she left Glory is a murderer exposed and her own suprising true identity revealed. (Publishers Weekly)

Black Creek Crossing by John Saul
The dark history and dire secrets of a peaceful small town are summoned from the shadows of the past. Unholy forces are stirred from long slumber to monstrous new life. And two young misfits discover the chilling art of turning persecution into retribution. With these eerie ingredients, bestselling master John Saul once again works his unique brand of sinister magic to conjure an unforgettable tale of unspeakable terror. (Catalog Summary)

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Barbara Michaels
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Kara Rockwell
Reference Librarian