2014 - Art Films - "All About Prints: 500 Years of Prints and Printmaking"

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"All About Prints: 500 Years of Prints and Printmaking" All About Prints is a thorough look at the Reba and Dave Williams Collection of American Prints acquired by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, in early 2009. The film explores the collaborative nature of printmaking, the democratic character of multiples, and the deep-rooted traditions of the art form. These ideas come to life through the exploration of masters of the 19th century like Homer and Whistler; the important contribution of Edward Hopper; the influence of Mexican muralists; the formative years of the Federal Art Project of the WPA; the excitement of the 60's print boom; and the ever-evolving techniques of contemporary artists such as Kiki Smith who carry on the tradition. 2009 (54 min.)
Full Schedule
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm