Midnight: A Gangster Love Story

By Sister Souljah

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"Midnight is the enigmatic character from Souljah's 1999 best-seller, The Coldest Winter Ever. In this novel, she backs up to tell Midnight's story: a young Sudanese boy migrates to America with his pregnant mother, leaving behind a political activist father and a much wealthier life. For seven years, they struggle in a Brooklyn tenement among drug pushers and prostitutes, the mother creating a Sudanese idyll. By the age of 15, Midnight easily navigates the city streets, negotiating on his mother's behalf, straddling Sudanese and American culture. He helps his mother build a lucrative clothing business with wares that appeal to immigrants hungry to maintain their culture. Working at a Chinese fish market, Midnight meets and falls in love with Akemi, a young Japanese artist. The fact that she doesn't speak English and he doesn't speak Japanese doesn't impede. Remarkably disciplined in his Muslim faith and Sudanese culture, Midnight learns ancient self-defense techniques and eschews the aggressive attention of desperate females. Hip-hop artist and master storyteller Souljah offers biting social critique on contemporary urban culture tucked inside a love story." Vanessa Bush for Booklist
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