Pvt. Hubert Wesselman, United States Army, American Expeditionary Force, 1918

“I was reading a book at the time and at 10.59 the guns all quit at once. It was to [sp] good to be true. I didn’t cheer as I cheered myself hoarse while at Souilly and it was a false report so I didn’t want to do it again. It wasn’t long till the Co came back. They were turned back just as they came under shell fire. One of K Co men got a shrapnel in the arm at the last minute. The boys looked more like gohsts [sp] than human when they came in, for want of rest and grub but that night we all sure put away some sleep."

On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the Great War--what was to be known as World War I--was finally over. Frances Ourada of North Stafford shared her father's World War I diary with the Library of Congress' Veterans History Project. The Free Lance-Star's online presentation of Private Wesselman's account of his time in the trenches in war-torn France makes for a fast and fascinating read and includes many photos.