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"Please Play Along!" by Patches, resident faux hamster @ Salem Church Branch

I took up residence on the Children’s Desk at the library about one year ago. Although I have been adored and admired by many, some people actually give me the cold shoulder. Can you believe that people say things like, “Oh, it’s a fake hamster. Whatever!” or “Let’s go. It’s not real.” I have even been called a rat! I want you all to know that I am listening, even if I don’t always physically react (my batteries run low sometimes, don’t yours?). And just for the record, I prefer the term faux.

It is amazing how much fun the children and I have when I get to run on my wheel, drink from my water bottle or just take a nap in my igloo. The little kids love me for who I am and the big kids are intrigued by what I might be. It’s the grown-ups that I feel sorry for. Many of them are so worried about clarifying my status as a pretend hamster that they spoil it for others who enjoy a little stretch of the imagination. So if you don’t mind, please play along.

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