Music on the Steps: August 4 - Jeni & Billy
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Music on the Steps: August 4 - Jeni & Billy
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Stafford 350
eBooks - we've got 'em
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LibraryPoint Blog

04/16/2012 - 11:20am
2011 Annual Report: You Belong @ Your Library

The numbers are in, and there's no doubt - you belong at your library!

2011 Annual ReportYou love to read:

You checked out 5,338,882 books, movies and music

You browsed 60,628 eBooks

You have a business plan:

You attended 903 office skills classes

2,189 of you got help with your taxes

You checked out 10,804 business eBooks, databases & periodicals

You're not done learning:

You visited our databases 43,956 times

4,168 of you got 24/7 online reference help

You got 843,326 questions answered

You live for music:

You attended Music on the Steps with 3,410 of your friends

You are wired:

You used library computers 238,713 times

You clicked on 1,600,880 times

You need some homework help:

You and 3,643 other students used the library's online homework help service

You want your children's minds to grow:

21,743 preschoolers learned early literacy skills at the library

You are part of your community and so is your library:

CRRL Librarians connected 22,760 students with the best in books

You connected with 110,132 people at 15,341 meetings and programs

Thousands of you enjoyed library exhibits by local artists and movies on the big screen

See full-size report.

04/13/2012 - 2:33pm
SeniorNavigator website

Have you and your loved ones made your healthcare end of life decisions yet?  Have you drafted an Advance Directive to communicate your end of life choices in writing? Monday, April 16th marks the Fifth Annual National Healthcare Decisions Day.  Consider setting aside some time in your busy schedule to learn more about end of life care options and possible medical decisions  that can arise during a health crisis.

To learn more about Advance Directives and other information about end of life decisions, please visit the  “Advance Directive” section of the SeniorNavigator website

You will find Virginia Advance Directive forms here to complete, as well as a link to the Commonwealth of Virginia's Advance Health Care Directive Registry, where you can securely store your medical power-of-attorney, do-not-resusitate orders, and other health care wishes. 

SeniorNavigator is the go-to website for Virginians who need information on services for our citizens of "a certain age!"  Caregiving, housing and long term care, transportation, and legal and financial information for the aging can be found at

04/13/2012 - 3:30am
The Peacemaker by Lori Copeland

This readalike is in response to a patron's book-match request. If you would like personalized reading recommendations, fill out the book-match form and a librarian will email suggested titles to you. Available for adults, teens, and kids.  You can browse the book matches here.

The Peacemaker by Lori Copeland: "Bull-headed Wynne Elliot has one goal in mind: to track down Cass Claxton and shoot him dead for leaving her at the altar and running off with her money. But when Cass's brother Cole shows up, Wynne finds herself on an unexpected adventure, and she just might lose her heart." (catalog summary)

If you like The Peacemaker, you may also enjoy these titles:

Land of My Heart by Tracie Peterson.
Peterson paints an unforgettable portrait of this rich, rugged landscape, populated by strong and spirited characters. When Dianne Chadwick urges her family to move to a ranch in the Montana Territory, she has no idea that her new life in the rugged frontier will not be the idyllic adventure she expects.  (Catalog summary)



Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke.
Marty and Clark Davis' tragic circumstances brought them to a "marriage of convenience" on the frontier prairies during the mid 1800s. The story of how Clark's patient, caring love mirrored that of the heavenly Father, drawing Marty to faith and to love, has captured the hearts and imaginations of many readers.  (Adapted from the book description)