Nylon Magazine - Serious Fashion

Fashion, music, celebrities, art, design, travel…what more could a teen wish for? Nylon magazine first graced newsstands in 1999 and since then has garnered awards for its funky, hip style of presenting the latest in pop culture for the need-to-know teen. I recently picked up The TV Issue here at the CRRL, and a quick scan through this hot teen pick showed why it’s doing so well.

Mock-up style layouts and bold, creative photos accompany articles ranging from jewelry and clothing designer updates to bios of the newest musicians. The strong colors are contrasted with plenty of white space, so it’s not a headache to read, and longer articles are nicely interspersed with short blurbs for readers with a shorter attention span. The fashion conscious teen will love all the impressive photos that are not just ads, and appreciate the detailed articles about designers’ newest trends.

Nylon features some great issues such as this TV Issue, which discusses all the hot fall programming you have to set your DVR for. I’m not a huge TV junky, but I found myself making note of several cool series I could seriously get hooked on. I especially loved the article about Jersey Shores, where the author visited the actual beaches only to discover nice touristy towns and lots of nature, and revealed that the (trashy!) JS actors are actually from New York!

The Music Issue was featured online in 2006, with the help of MySpace, and since 2007 every issue has been available on the web. Nylon’s coverage of music is not a kowtow to the biggest names and recording studios in the industry, but highlights the lesser known (and arguably more creative) artists. Its website is another treasure trove of cool things to explore. From photos from the latest fashion shows, to free streaming of music singles, to blog posts about movies, makeup, and more, it’s arguably more engaging than the paper version. With Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook presences, Nylon is even downloadable to your iPad. And of course, if you want to buy featured items, you can go shopping on Nylon Mall. If you’re a guy, the partner mag, Nylon Guys, can satisfy your manly need for music, movies, toys, and clothes, too.
What sets Nylon apart from other teen magazines is its lack of gushy, unintelligent articles focused mostly on celebrity mishaps, weight loss, or snagging the guy of your dreams. Unlike Vogue or Cosmo, it isn’t crammed with ads or scented perfume flyers. It's cool without trying too hard. But what do you expect from a magazine whose name comes from the combination of two awesome cities: NY and London.

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