Odd Duck by Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon

Odd Duck by Cecil Castellucci and Sara Varon

Theodora is an Odd Duck, but she doesn't realize it yet. She does all the normal chores that ducks do: swimming; buying mango salsa; and checking out library books. She knows what she wants in life, preferring to stay home in the winter with a nice cup of tea while all of the other ducks fly south.

Chad, Theodora's new neighbor, is definitely a bizarre bird. Some of his feathers are dyed various colors. He makes strange sculptures in his yard. He also refuses to migrate. Chad doesn't really care what others think of him, including Theodora. His brazenness completely frustrates her. 

The book's greatest strength is Theodora's and Chad's changing relationship. They start out standoffish, but the two soon get to know each other and realize that their similarities outweigh their differences.

But when the two are out and about and they overhear someone say, "What an odd duck!" Each bird thinks that the comment was about the other one, and both take offense to being labeled that way.

Will their friendship be able to overcome this misunderstanding? What is it that defines who is normal and who is odd? Odd Duck asks these questions in a way that children and families can understand and discuss. There is even a recipe in the back of the book that teaches you to make tea just like Theodora. Odd Duck encourages you to let your freak feathers fly for the sake of friendship!