Oh, No! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

Oh, No! by Candace Fleming and Eric Rohmann

In Oh, No! the animals of the jungle are having a bad day. Tiger is on the prowl, and frog has fallen into a deep, deep hole. "Oh, no!" Mouse tries to help, only to fall in herself. One by one, more animals fall in, joining the group trapped in the hole. "Oh, no!" Finally tiger slinks over, licking his teeth and smiling as he offers to help the other animals out. "Oh, no!"

"Mouse came along, but what could she do?
Pippa-eeek! Pippa-eeek!
Mouse came to help, but what could she do?
Mouse was so small, what could she do?"

The rhythm of the Candace Fleming's story is infectious, and this book begs to be read out loud. Repeated phrases within each section provide plenty of opportunities for little ones to participate in telling the story. No child will be able to resist joining in for the chorus of "Oh, no!" In spite of the fact that much of the story takes place down in a deep hole, Eric Rohmann's illustrations are bright and engaging, beautifully capturing the various animals' personalities. This book is sure to be a hit for your next read-aloud session.

When the animals escape with the help of an earth-shaking friend, tiger falls into the hole. Will the other animals help him get out?

"Oh, no!"