Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton

Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton

George has a problem. He wants to be good. He knows how good dogs are supposed to act. They are not supposed to devour entire cakes that have been left on the table. They should probably leave any cats alone...dirt, too. George knows what he should do. He just doesn't do it. Oh No, George! by Chris Haughton, brings his eternal struggle to life.

This charming tale follows a friendly, slightly forgetful dog whose owner steps out for the day. Harry, the owner, asks, "Will you be good, George?" The canine quickly agrees, but then he meekly thinks to himself, "I hope I'll be good."

Temptations abound. One by one, George falters at every step. Harry is not pleased when he gets back, but George attempts to rectify the situation. Will he be able to make amends?

The book is clever in its deadpan delivery as George's actions contradict his initial promise. Haughton makes bold choices regarding color, shape, and scale. George towers over his owner in size, eager to please but rarely succeeding. Although his behavior might not be good, it is never intentionally devious. He simply can't keep himself in check.

The deadpan delivery and illustrations remind me of Jon Klassen's books. The theme of good and bad behavior puts the book on par with No David! by David Shannon.

Most importantly, Haughton taps into the realistic humor of having a pet that really wants to be loved but betrays himself time and time again. Children will love the pictures and the suspense of George's actions while adults will knowingly chuckle at some very recognizable behavior. Oh No, George! will have readers howling with delight!