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The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

The Paladin Prophecy by Mark Frost

Mark Frost’s The Paladin Prophecy, Book 1, is the start of something good. It is not a good day for Will West, though. He figures it will be another dull vanilla day at his new school--cross-country practice before six hours or so of getting through classes on the up side of average, being careful to not do anything to draw attention to himself. That’s the way his parents have always wanted it. He doesn’t know why. But when the men in suits in a black car start to chase him, and he runs, full out for the first time and beats them, he knows there’s a reason his parents have kept him hidden.

That same day, he’s understandably concerned when he’s sent to the principal’s office. He meets a gorgeous lady in a sleek dark suit who explains to him that he scored incredibly high on a nationwide exam. Now, he’s being given the chance to go to an elite boarding school in the middle of nowhere so he can finally achieve his potential. His mom seems extremely happy with it, which is really strange. But then again, his mom is acting really strangely. Hiding behind dark glasses, her responses are super enthusiastic and super fake.  Something is terribly wrong.

What follows is a lightning-paced, action-packed novel, and Mark Frost has also created a great high-school-for-the-odd setting with characters, male and female, that will hold your attention. Mix in conspiracies, psionics, super powers, high tech, and, yes, something pretty indistinguishable from magic, and you get a wildly imaginative potion.

At first, I admit I was not drawn to yet another high school swords and sorcery book, and the cover did not promise anything special. Then I looked at the cover again. Mark Frost, isn’t he they guy who…? Yes, yes, he was a co-creator of the wonderfully strange TV smash, Twin Peaks. I gave this book a try, for that reason and because his The List of Seven, a historical and magical thriller, was so well-done I’ve recommended it a lot over the years.

The Paladin Prophecy does not disappoint. All right, it does a bit because Book 2 is not out yet. You can try this first one in print, as a downloadable audiobook, a regular audiobook on CD or as an eBook. Book 2, Alliance, is due out early in 2014.