Parent's Guide to College and Careers: How to Help, Not Hover

By Barbara Cooke

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"Parents have good reason to be concerned about their kids education and career decisions. The ever-changing job market and burdensome college loans can make it very difficult for young people to launch an independent life without the help and support of their parents. This upbeat handbook gives down-to-earth advice for parents who want to constructively help with their child s college and career planning, without micromanaging or hounding. Experienced career counsellor Barbara Cooke opens parents eyes to facts and strategies for mentoring their kids in this critical area, including the reshaped job market, the importance of wise career picks in the face of large student loans, how to connect interests to work, and informational interviews to learn about careers. Cooke also reveals how parents assist their children as they evaluate their postsecondary education options, explore college majors, seek financial aid, assess whether to go away to college or stay at home, and much more."

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