Paris in the Spring with Picasso by Joan Yolleck

Paris in the Spring with Picasso

Imagine receiving an invitation to a soiree at the home of Gertrude Stein--number 27 Rue de Fleurus in Paris.  If you read Paris in the Spring with Picasso, by Joan Yolleck, you will feel as if you have.  This is an imaginary tale written by the author after a trip to the library where she passed the time reading about Stein.  She created a story about famous artists and authors as they prepare for an evening's festivities.  The young reader is introduced to such characters as Pablo Picasso and Alice B. Toklas.

The lively pictures by Marjorie Priceman, combined with the rich text from Yolleck, provide a vivid story that beautifully captures Paris at the beginning of the twentieth century.  This book is a great example of a picture book that is appropriate for older elementary school readers.   It is full of information and insight into the time period and the setting where Stein and her friends found themselves.  The book also provides historical text with photographs of several of the featured characters.

The vibrant illustrations transport readers to Paris as they walk past the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and cross the Seine River.  There is even a cabaret singer with a black beret and red scarf.  How much more "Paris" can you get? 

What an enjoyable tour of this beautiful city and the perfect introduction to Paris for the young reader.