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Patient Zero by Jonathan Maberry

Patient Zero cover

Recently when I went to the beach I took Patient Zero with me to read.  While I sat in stopped traffic, motorcyclists weaved in and out, roaring past us laughing.  My first thought was, “That is SO illegal! I hate you!” But my next thought was, “They are going to get to the beach long before we do, and they are having more fun doing it this way.”  If Jonathan Maberry's Patient Zero were a vehicle it would be one of those motorcycles roaring past the stopped cars.  The action is fast and furious from the beginning to the very last page of the book.

Chapter One introduces Joe Ledge--a modern day Rambo. 

When you have to kill the same terrorist twice in one week, then there’s either something wrong with your skills or something wrong with your world.

And there’s nothing wrong with my skills.

Joe Ledger is a hardened detective in Baltimore who is abducted by a secret agency, called the Department of Military Sciences (DMS) headed by a very tough and powerful man named Mr. Church.  DMS convinces Ledger to join the anti-terrorist group and Ledger is made the commander of the Echo team which Church has just assembled.  The anti-terrorism agency is short-handed because their Bravo and Charlie teams were wiped out in a terrorist attack on a hospital just before Joe was recruited. 

Two terrorists groups have joined forces--a fanatical religious group that believes a bioweapon is going to release a Jihad on America and a greedy pharmaceutical company that can provide unlimited sums of money toward developing the weapon.  Together, they create the Sword of the Faithful, a fast-acting bioweapon that deposits prions in the brains of its victims and turns them into zombies.

This is the first in a series of books with different terrorist threats in each novel, and I am looking forward to reading the others, including The Dragon Factory and The King of Plagues.  Try these books if you want a wild and ferocious ride.