Patrons Share Why They Love the Library

 Here are some of the wonderful stories collected through the "Love Your Library" form on To date, we have received hundreds of responses! If you would like to submit your own story, click here.

"Somehow the library is the perfect example of a true democracy- a place where the spectrum of ages, and culture, genders, and ethnicity can meet and have a chance to enjoy the great adventures books bring to our lives."

"I like the library because we hear funny stories and I like the crafts and games. I like to sit on the floor."

"I love the large selection of Anime and Manga, the wide variety of programs, and the warm atmosphere the librarians bring to me. Plus, I can't help but smile whenever I'm here...partially from the books, the other from the very humorous staff!"

"There are so many reasons why I love the library I hardly know where to begin! We visit the library every Thursday, it's a family outing. Art work greets me at the door, new books await (tonight's find was "The art of Friendship.") Friendly librarians, something for every member of the family, and best of all - it's free!"

"Why do I love my libray? Let me count the ways. 1) The lovely staff, they always greet me with smiles. 2) All the amazing programs 3) Unlimited renewals! (unless they're on hold)"

"When I walked into the door for the first time in June 2006, I fell in love with the Colonial Beach Library. The ladies at the desk were so friendly and helpful. There were men, women, and most of all, many children on the computers working quietly. When someone's time was up I noticed one of the ladies softly tap a shoulder and whisper "times up". My heart was so warmed to see so many young people learning. Libraries have always been special to me, since I was an eight year old in Savannah, Ga. Our library was a large marble and stone building with lots of steps. (Like the Lincoln Memorial) As I climbed those steps I remember feeling big, smart, and important. Fifty years later walking into the Colonial Beach Library I feel important again. Thanks to the ladies that sit behind the desk and greet me with a smile. Thank You!"

"I love all of the extra things you have here- Santa, Dr. Seuss' B-day, Safari Sue, Meet Froggie (and other story book characters). My daughter loves the puzzles you have here while I look for books. But, the thing I like most about the library is the selection of books, DVDs, and CDs that are available because the branches share. It is very easy to go online, sign up for the books or movies I'd like to borrow and then just wait for them to arrive at my local branch. I have lived in MA, TX, NJ, FL, and OH, this library has the best selection because you share with the other 8 branches."

"I am a mother of 3 who is trying to finish my bachelors degree. I love the quiet glass enclosed room. I come here regularly to study, and because of this solitude I have been able to accomplish much more of my classes than I had been able to do at home. Thank you for providing a quiet, non-distracting place for me to study!!"

"#1: Service is always excellent and professional, from the check-out to the janitorial and the couriers. #2: Convenience- is abundant from renewing materials by phone to returning materials to any branch in the drop box. #3: Materials- are plentiful, helpful, and well organized. #4:Movies and computers-We are a low income, but blessed family and free use of these is huge to us. P.S. Snow is my favorite branch but all are excellent!"

"The library is a resource that is available to anyone and is open early and late in the evening. They will get your request and have it shipped locally if they don't have it in stock. Students have access to the computers for research. Others keep in touch with friends and family far away. It is a quiet place to read and work. Movies, books, educational materials and books on tape- oh, and music- are free! The librarians themselves are a wealth of information and make wonderful referrals. The library has space for a variety of meetings for children and adults to enrich their lives."

"My family loves CRRL! We have visited it since my children were small for summer activities and story times. Now that they're older we check out books for school projects and books just to read. My daughter loves to read and checks out numerous books. This has saved us tons of money by not having to buy them. I love listening to the audio books while I'm out running errands. In my opinion the library is one of the best community resources available. It's the one thing I don't mind paying a late fee for!"

"I love my library because of the helpful and friendly attitude of our Librarian Barbara Maines and the rest of the library assistance. I have always loved to read but believe my love for reading extensively has blossomed since joining the Montross Branch. I appreciate and respect our librarian and the library assistance for always treating everyone fairly. Our Librarian makes everyone feel important from the youngest to the oldest patron. I am proud to belong to the Montross Branch Library. There ia always loads of activities available for all ages ! Thank you for your time."

"I love my library because it is a place where my daughter and I can share the love of reading with each other. I have brought her to the Snow Branch since she could walk and let her pick out her own books to read. I like looking through the books that are for sale too. The staff at the library are so eager to assist you and they always have a smile on their faces. It makes you feel welcome everytime I go. During the summer we visit the library at least once a week to get books, music or even a movie. I am so glad that we have the library!!!!"

"What I love most is that the library has so many books on audio. I rarely read a book any more. I like to listen so I can knit, drive, do laundry and other housework and learn at the same time. I love that the library always orders the books I recommend. They have ordered many knitting books I have suggested. I also love that the library staff encourages knitting by teaching it and having knitting evenings!"

"I LOVE the library because I'm a home school mom. I supplement my history and science (and sometimes math!) programs with whatever I can get from the library - sometimes bringing home 50+ books at a time! The best part is that I can browse online and pick up what I need all together, at one time: no running from branch to branch to find the books I need. The librarians are always helpful and kind, and never give me any trouble for taking so many books at once! I LOVE my library!!"