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Penguin Power

They're very cute, very sturdy, and are excellent parents. Colored in black and white with sometimes a splash of orange, penguins make their homes in lots of different places, from South America to Antarctica.

Why Do Penguins Waddle?

Because their short legs are attached so far down on their wide bodies, penguins have little choice but to waddle! They are much more at home chasing down krill (small shrimp-like creatures) in the water. The recent hit movie, The March of the Penguins, shows how the birds move together overland when the need arises.

Penguins Nearby

You can see Humboldt penguins at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Chesterfield County. These cheerful little birds come from South America and are happy splashing in their pond during Virginia's hot spells. While you're visiting, you can also have a picnic lunch, feed giraffes and llamas, and take a ride on their sky lift.

Neither Washington's National Zoo nor the National Aquarium in Baltimore has penguins. But check out the Web sites below for a virtual penguin experience.

Penguin Books

The books in our list Penguins! feature cute krill-eaters as the stars of the stories.

Penguins on the Web
You can learn more about the webbed ones online.

Creature Feature: Emperor Penguins @
Learn fun facts, watch a video, listen to the penguins, and send a penguin postcard.

Kidzone: Penguins
Lesson plans and print outs for preschool and elementary school teachers. Has penguin facts and a slide show of penguin photos.

March of the Penguins Movie: Official Site
The Downloads section has penguin buddy icons and desktop themes. The Kids' Arcade has coloring sheets, a printable poster, an iron-on design, and more.

Penguin Activities
Links to activities for both younger and older kids.

Penguin Cam
Watch the black-footed penguins live at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Includes a section on fun penguin facts.

Penguins at Enchanted Learning
Penguin pictures to print out or color online. Also has quizzes and a diagram to label.

Wildlife of Antarctica: Penguins
Get facts and pictures on 17 species of penguins, from the tiny Fairy Penguin to the magnificent to the huge (about 88 pounds!) Emperor Penguin. Some listings include the birds' calls.