Plume by Isabelle Simler

Plume by Isabelle Simler

Swallows and seagulls, eagles and owls . . . which birds have the most beautiful feathers?

In Isabelle Simler's picture book Plume, young readers will be fascinated by her beautiful, realistic illustrations of bird feathers. 

According to, a plume is defined as "a long, soft feather or arrangement of feathers used by a bird for display or worn by a person for ornament." Throughout the book Plume, Simler illustrates birds and their respective feathers, ranging from a goose to Guinea fowl to turkeys. 

On the left side of the pages, detailed drawings of feathers follow detailed illustrations of each bird. Each page has its own distinct color and texture, leading little ones to visually understand the differences between birds around the world through their plumage.

But wait—what is that look those birds have in their eyes? Is it fear? Curiosity? A mixture of both? For a unique twist, Simler inserts a special guest in each page. Can you tell what who it is? Read Plume, and find out what—or who—is collecting these beautiful bird feathers! Did someone say, "meow?"

Plume supports our Grow a Reader principles of vocabulary and reading.