Put Your Poems in Someone's Pocket

Put Your Poems in Someone's Pocket

Put your poems in someone’s pocket

If you’re an aspiring poet
We would sure like to know it
Send us your poem
You can do it from home
There’s no reason not to do it

Okay, I can see that my own poetry needs a little work. I’ll work on polishing it up. Meanwhile, we’re asking for some of your poems for Poem in Your Pocket Day ! In past years we’ve reprinted published poems (with permission), rolled them up into pocket sized scrolls and distributed them in the libraries.

This year we’d like to add some original poems by our patrons to this project. Submit as many of your original poems as you like via this online form, or via old-fashioned paper & ink at the research desk of any of our branches. We’ll select some to print & distribute in the form of beribboned scrolls in April (National Poetry Month.)

The England Run library will also be hosting poetry readings on Fridays in April in our “living room.”  Let’s share our love of poetry! Bring a few poems to read or just come to listen. Poems can be your own work or just ones you like. No advance sign up needed. Just drop in. 4-5 pm. If you have any questions contact Lee Criscuolo @ 540-899-1703 ext 242 or by email at lcriscuolo@crrl.org