The Preservationist

By David Maine

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"Noe's (Noah's) family--his wife, sons, and daughters-in-law--tell what it's like to live with a man touched by the hand of God, while struggling against events they cannot control or explain. When Noe orders his sons to build an ark, he can't tell them where the wood or other materials will come from, just that God will provide. When Noe orders his daughters-in-law to gather the animals, they set off on their difficult journeys with no specifics, no money, and no protection, just Noe's faith that God will make it work. And once the rain starts, the family is trapped on the ark with no experience in feeding or caring for the animals, and no idea when the endless waters will recede.

"What emerges is a family caught in the midst of an extraordinary Biblical event-and all the tension, humanity, and even humor, that implies. The Preservationist is a new take on a story readers might think they know--but it turns the conventions and preconceived notions upside down, and the result is a debut novel that is original, captivating, and utterly unforgettable."

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