The President’s House, 1800 to the Present: A First Daughter Shares the History and Secrets of the World's Most Famous Home, by Margaret Truman

The President's House cover

A customer recently called me to tell me that he loved The President’s House, by Margaret Truman, so when I gave a talk in Northern Virginia a few days later, I passed on the recommendation to the group. The next customer who read it just called to tell me that he is really enjoying this book, too. Several of the book reviews said that it is a fun and interesting look at the White House written by a woman who has a deep love for this national icon because she was lucky enough to grow up there. 

Margaret Truman uses her wonderful writing ability to make the rooms of the White House come alive with stories of the presidents who lived there.  In addition to incredible research into the past events of the White House, she adds many of her own personal memories of the people that she grew to love while she was there.

If you are looking for a thoroughly entertaining nonfiction book about the history of the White House that makes this famous mansion come alive, try The President’s House.