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Princess Hyacinth: (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated)

Every so often a book comes along that completely entrances us. A spell seems to fall over my kids as we are reading, and when we are done, a small sigh is offered up as we reconnect with reality. Princess Hyacinth: (The Surprising Tale of a Girl Who Floated) is such a book, one that promises to help you transcend reality for the few moments you are reading it.

Princess Hyacinth is a normal princess in all ways but one - if she is not weighted down, she floats away. She wears heavy clothes encrusted with jewels to keep her tethered to the ground, but she longs to play freely like the other children in the kingdom. Every day she watches a particularly happy kite-flying boy out of her window and wishes she were just like that kite. How she gets her wish - for of course she does - makes for a fun read. But even better than that is the far-away dreamy look that kids get when listening to this story, for they are dreaming of floating away too, if even for a little while.

Princess Hyacinth is a perfect read for the 4-8 year-old group. In fact, this is one that we are adding to our permanent library at home. I can't imagine a better picture book to escape with after a long, hard day.