The Princess in Black by Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

The Princess in Black

Princesses do not run. They also don’t hide their frilly, pink dresses in a broom closet, slide down secret chutes, or jump over castle walls. And princesses definitely do not wear black. But Princess Magnolia is no ordinary princess… she’s a monster-fighting superhero in disguise, The Princess in Black!  

With moves like the Sparkle Slam and the Princess Pounce, Magnolia is a brave and fearless protector of her kingdom. So, when her monster alarm (disguised as a glitter-stone ring) goes off during a visit from the nosy Duchess Hightower, Magnolia knows she must act quickly.

As it turns out, a big, blue monster has escaped through a hole in Monster Land’s ceiling, located right outside Magnolia’s castle. Only The Princess in Black can stop the monster from gobbling up a herd of innocent goats! But can Magnolia defeat the monster and get back to her guest before the snooping Duchess discovers her secret identity?

Magnolia relies on her trusty steed Blacky (publicly known as Frimplepants the unicorn) to help save the day. Along the way, she also meets her biggest fan, a goat boy named Duff with an exciting secret of his own.
The Princess in Black is the first in a new series of beginning chapter books, by Shannon and Dean Hale and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. The clever, cartoonish pictures are a perfect match for the Hales’ humorous writing, and young readers will enjoy the story’s quick pace and fun vocabulary. For a fresh take on superheroes and princesses alike, be sure to check out The Princess in Black!