The Princeton Review College Companion: Real Students, True Stories, Good Advice

By Melanie and Joseph C. Sponholz

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"You've been accepted to college and people are telling you that it's going to be great. Well, it is. However, you probably have some questions about your first year of school: How do you balance your schoolwork, job, sports, and social life? Should you join a fraternity/sorority? How do you open a bank account and balance your checkbook? The College Companion is here to help. Joe and Melanie Sponholz, two real graduates from two very different colleges, get you the inside scoop. And helping them out are the more than 56,000 students who have responded to The Princeton Review's annual campus surveys.

"Inside you'll find: -- Handy alternatives to killing your roommate -- Suggestions for fitting all your stuff into a tiny dorm room -- Study techniques, exam strategies, and paper-writing wisdom -- Answers to questions on choosing a major -- Everything you want to know about the social life but were afraid to ask (including drinking, dating, sex, and Greek life). What can you learn from the experiences of other students? Lots. We'll help make sure your freshman year is (as everyone will tell you) 'one of the best years of your life.'"

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