Programs for Every Grade

We regret that reductions to the library budget mean that the library must cut back services to schools. 

If you have concerns about the library's diminished budget, please express your support for library funding to your elected officials.  We hope to restore these services when funding allows.

 The following services are still available as staffing permits.  Please contact your local branch for details.


Library tours - arrange an educational, fun field trip to your local branch library.


Kindergarten library card campaign - Library cards for all! Encourage reading & foster the beginnings of lifelong library use.  Scheduled for winter 2011.

2nd Grade Storytelling -  Program of stories from the traditions of either Chinese or Native American tales which coincide with current 2nd Grade SOLs 


Grades 7 & 8 - Café Book - kids have fun and learn literature evaluation skills as they read and discuss the best current books for teens. (available at eight schools)

Middle School Database Presentation - A PowerPoint presentation making it easy for you to introduce your students to some of the best library resources for middle school students.


In fifteen minutes or less, find out how free library services can help you personally and professionally!  Invite us to your next faculty meeting or inservice day.  Contact the Youth Services Department Head at your local branch to schedule a presentation.