Census Day is April 1, Be Aware of Scams

Have you completed and returned your 2010 Census form yet?

April 1st is Census Day. This is the day that the U.S. Census Bureau hopes to have all of the Census forms completed and returned; however, the agency will be accepting surveys by mail through the end of April. The most efficient way to ensure that your information is counted and protected is to mail in the completed survey form using the postage-paid envelope included in your Census package. This will relieve the need for Census workers to make follow up visits at your door in order to assist you with completing the survey.

For your protection, please be aware of the following:

  • The Census Bureau does NOT conduct the 2010 Census via the Internet
  • The Census Bureau does not send emails about participating in the 2010 Census

For more information regarding the 2010 Census and ways to protect your personal information, please read this information about fraudulent activity and scams on the 2010 Census web site.

You can also learn more about the federal census by reading the 2010 Census Blog, connecting on Facebook, following on Twitter, or by visiting YouTube or the census Web site. Answers to frequently-asked questions can be found here, along with contact information.