Lit Bistro @ Porter

Hi everyone ...the newly reworked Lit Bistro is in full swing for the Fall.  Our first meeting was in September...but don't worry if you missed that one because there is plenty of room for everyone.

What is Lit Bistro???? I'm glad you asked...Lit Bistro is a fusion of 2 other programs...Book Chat and Lit Bistro. 

There is no assigned reading.  It is a group of teens who meet once a month and talk about any books they want to...that is it.

There are books to choose from if you are looking for something new to read.  In fact some of them are so new ...we don't even have them in the library yet.

In October, our session is during Teen Read Week.  We are having a book swap....bring a book ...get a book. 

Drop-in on Oct. 21, 4-5pm, at Porter Branch.