When you love a color too much...

The little girl who stars in "Pinkalicious" loves the color pink. One day she and her mother make pink cupcakes and she eats soooo many that she turns pink! A certain 5 year-old in our household thought that was the coolest thing and started eyeing her own food as something more than to just put in her stomach.

The next book in the series, "Purplicious", talks about loving something (in this case, pink) even when everyone else doesn't seem to care for it. This year. everyone in Pinkalicious' class loves black and thinks that pink is babyish. What do you do when that's still your favorite? A special friend helps our star to see that pink is a powerful favorite...and it's ok to march to the beat of your own drum.

The newest book, "Goldilicious", introduces us to Pinkalicious' pet unicorn, Goldilicious (Goldie for short). Pinkalicious and her brother Peter play with Goldie as they pretend one scenario after another - pirates, mermaids, evil kidnapping wizards...all the way to bedtime.

This exuberant picture book series is a sure favorite with the 4-8 year-old set.