The Ruins of Gorlan: The Start of a Must-Read Series

Will is small for his age and can climb a tree quicker and higher than any of his Ward mates. He hopes to be accepted into Battleschool on Choosing Day so he can become a hero like his father, whom Will never knew. Will is an orphan, left on the steps of Castle Redmont's ward, and Choosing Day is the opportunity each ward has to be apprenticed to a master craftsman. 

It is determined that Will's talents lie in another direction than battleschool, and he is apprenticed to the taciturn ranger Holt. He learns archery, stealth tactics, and map reading, and most entertainingly, how to interpret Holt's dry wit and restrain his own barrage of questions. Of course the eventual day comes when Will and Holt are launched upon an adventure that is in turn frightening and thrilling, full of intrigue and danger, with the fate of all of Araluen held in its outcome.

The Ruins of Gorlan is the first book in The Ranger's Apprentice Series by John Flanagan, an Australian author. Flanagan started the series to encourage his 12-year-old son to read, and it became a bestseller and a series that now numbers six books.  The series is great for kids fifth grade and up.

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