Puppy Love!

Is there a puppy in your future? A puppy is a cuddly ball of warmth, a flurry of fun with a bounce and a spring when you come through the door after school, and a pal for when you're feeling down. It's true that a dog doesn't care if you're wearing mismatched socks or forgot your homework. In fact, he can give you the classic excuse for not having it. While we can't guarantee that the teacher will believe your story, it's a good bet that you and your new canine friend will have some great times together.

All through the year, from trick-or-treating fun, to snowball fights to spring puddle-jumping in showers of warm rain, and summer kite-flying, your doggie will be there for you. But friendship is a two-way street, and, as a human, you must be more than just your dog's friend. As his owner, you have to give him not only love, but also food, shelter, exercise, and lessons in manners. For example, your little buddy doesn't know that shoes are off limits as chew toys until you tell him so. Jumping up on people can be another problem. It's so cute when they are small, but they do grow, and hardly anyone, especially little kids, likes a dog who does this. Unless you teach him otherwise, your dog may not walk beside you on a leash but instead yank you at full speed down the block!

If you love your puppy, you must teach him to be a good canine citizen. These books and videos can help you choose the right kind of dog to match you and family and give tips on training your dog so he can be the best dog he can. Click on any title to go to our catalog where you may place a reserve on an item to pick up at your favorite branch.

In the Library

Dog Training for Kids by Carol Lea Benjamin.
Cute puppies grow into cute dogs, but even cute dogs need to be trained. Indeed, they like to know what's expected and how they should behave in their new pack, also known as your family. This guide tells kids the basics of training their dogs: how to get them to walk beside you instead of dragging you along behind, to not jump up on everyone they see, and, of course, to only use the yard and walks for potty breaks instead of your dining room rug.

Dogs: Understanding, Training and Loving Them.
This video teaches about the world of dogs from their point of view. A specialist in animal behavior gives tips on selecting the right one, the right way to introduce him to the family, housebreaking, traveling, grooming, and keeping him healthy.

I Just Got a Puppy: What Do I Do? by Mordecai Siegal and Matthew Margolis.
Puppies are silly bundles of mischief and fluff. They are sweet and loving but they are also exasperating! Learn how to bring out the best in your pup.

My First Puppy by Rosmarie Hausherr.
Come along as Jenny chooses her first puppy and learns how to give him what he needs so he can grow into a great dog.

Pet School: The Home Training Video.
Five obedience lessons teach your dog how to be a well-behaved member of the family.

Puppy by Mark Evans.
This book has information for the first-time pet owner on the selection, care, training, and feeding of puppies. Lots of nice pictures. One of the ASPCA pet care guides for kids.

Puppy Care and Training by Teoti Anderson
This book has lots of information for advanced readers on taking care of puppies. Includes a DVD. 

A Puppy for You by Lilo Hess.
A basic guide to choosing your puppy and giving it the right care.

Superpuppy: How to Choose, Raise, and Train the Best Possible Dog for You by Jill and D. Manus Pinkwater.
Why did he wet on the floor just before his walk? Why did he chew your favorite pair of sneakers? Try this book if you want to know what your puppy is thinking and how he could be a happier and better behaved dog. Jill and Daniel Pinkwater love dogs, and they want you to love them, too. Includes a great "Puppy Scoring" test to let you get the real pick of the litter.

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The American Kennel Club site has photos and videos of their recognized breeds as well as basic information such as size, dispostion, and what's needed in the way of care and family environment for the dog to be happy. This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer.

Thinking about rescuing a dog? Petfinder links to animal shelters across the country. You will find pictures and information on animals that are waiting for homes right now.

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